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Aromatherapy Nourishing Hair Mask
Olive OilCoconut oilAloe Vera

Aromatherapy Nourishing Hair Mask



Product Description

Natural Organic Aromatherapy Nourishing Hair Mask instantly nourishes and hydrates hair, leaving it looking smoother, shinier and feeling healthier naturally. The blend of essential oils can help grow hair fast, reduce dandruff and hair loss.

What’s going on with our hair! Sun, water, wind and the worst: synthetic shampoos and conditioners line. These factors affect badly the health of the hair. This luxurious nutrition mask is designed to give your hair a decent dose of natural nutrition and health. The high quality of ingredients and essential oils provide the required nutrients to the hair to restore its natural shine. It nourishes balances and contributes the hair health, helping to prevent hair loss and provide thickening and strengthening to the hair roots. Take small amount at a time to create a large supply and strengthening effect. All together create the harmony of health and nutrition for hair and scalp.

For healthy, lustrous hair. Suitable for all hair types.

Size & Packing: 100 ml. Airless bottle.