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"The Dead Sea is the biggest, widest natural spa on earth,"

Popular with tourists from all over, the Dead Sea is one of Earth’s most spectacular natural and spiritual places. This ancient body of water, which borders the Jordan, Palestine and Israel, is considered one of the world’s leading and most unique healing sites for treatment of skin and diseases.

People from all over the world travel hundreds of miles all the way to the Dead Sea just to put mud or salt on their skin. The incredibly buoyant mineral-rich, salty water enables one to float effortlessly. It is unusually warm and has attracted visitors since ancient times. Cleopatra used the Dead Sea as her natural beauty spa and today, the unique combination of minerals offered are used in a wide array of industries from Egyptian salves and soap, to mummification and agriculture, to skin care.

From the depth of the lowest point on earth, from a genuine ancient spring of youth, Suz Beauty Care has found the key to beautifully healthy skin. Suz Beauty Care is always here to help you!

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