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Handmade Soap – Beautiful ways to impress someone

It is only natural …. Because people make our products, not machines. We offers a skin-healthy alternative to many of the harsh soaps found on store shelves. Our Handmade soap is extremely healthy, premium quality, uniquely beautiful, extremely mild and truly scented cold processed olive oil natural soap...

Our luxurious soaps are natural handmade soaps in small batches, contain high quality oils (which are extremely beneficial to the skin, providing moisture) and produce a wonderful smooth creamy lather. Each soap has a unique, delicious natural scent concocted from therapeutic essential oils and only luxurious, skin-loving ingredients. ALL NATURAL SOAP is packed full of natural glycerin and is fabulous for all skin types. We have a large selection of natural soaps and our range is continually expanding with new soaps added on a regular basis.


Goat’s Milk Soap

Dead Sea Mud Soap

Dead Sea Mud Soap

Baby Soap

Delilah Olive Oil Soap

Shampoo Soap

Nigella Soap

Liquid Soap

Shaving Soap

Shaving Soap