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Roasted & salted

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Pistachio, A Healthy Snack for the Happiness of the Family.

From our farms in Greece  to you!

We are one Healthy Nutritionof the pioneers in the growing, processing and marketing of premium Greek pistachios since 1954. From the beginning, we started our activity, in processing, sorting, packaging and export of different types of pistachio in shell and pistachio kernel. With our Farm locating in the best climatically and meteorologically conditions, our products are admirable in Quality and taste. Combining the traditional farming methods that are still used by our local farmers with our experience of the past and highly motivated team work players who deeply believe in producing high quality products, we earned a reputation for having a solid relationship with customers and providing the best quality products.

Snack naturally! Suz Beauty Care are all-natural, portable super foods. Fuel your body the right way with plant-based goodies that will refresh your energy stores. Gathered fresh from family farms and poured into different sizes and types of packaging. Suz Beauty Care offer the perfect goodie fix, anytime, anywhere.

We believe that business success depends upon our listening to, understanding and meeting the requirements of our customers. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. We guarantee it! We look forward the opportunity to demonstration our superiority of service and quality and from a long term business relationship with our customers.

Our products are soled in domestic and international markets. The international standards in hygiene are the major consideration throughout the production process, and because of these attentions, we can produce qualified Greek pistachios at competitive prices and exports them all over the world.

We really thanks all our customers in Greece and abroad for their constant purchases, liking and trustiness to our highly nutritious pistachio products

When you deal with Suz Beauty Care, you deal directly with the grower and processor.