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Taste The Difference.

It is widely known since ancient times that natural olives are a main and high-class nourishing food which is proven by modern medical reports, related with the good health and the longevity of the Greek people.


Fresh, natural, handpicked.

Our olives are not pitted.

The stone is the “Heart of the Olive” keeps the olives firm.

Not over salty.

We are pleased to offer to our valued customers a wide range of 100 % Pure Natural Hand Picked Kalamata Olives from our farms in Greece including Raw Kalamata Olives and packed Kalamata Olives in brine

-Fresh Raw Kalamata Olives for local market (near to our warehouse).

-Fresh Raw Kalamata Olives for export.

-Brine Kalamata Olives.

Composition of Kalamata olives brine:

Water, salt – without preservatives.

Water, salt, vinegar - without preservatives

(Olive oil optionally added upon your request, it forms a thin layer onto the surface of the brine to seal out air, preserve freshness, and add additional flavor and health benefits.

-Flavored Brine Kalamata Olives according to our customers request (lemon, chilli, carrots –etc).

For more information, please visit our production section.

Quality attributes: Very well selected whole olives with different sizes, rich taste and texture. sun ripened and handpicked. No preservatives- No additives (neither oxidized nor artificially blackened).

Packing: we offer several types of packing with different sizes (Table 1). Please visit our packing section for more information.

Shelf life: Within 18 months after packing

Storage: Store in a dark, dry and cool place to enjoy their exceptional taste until the last   piece. Keep always in brine.

Usage: A perfect snack alone, a topping for pizzas, a tasteful ingredient in salads or in cooking pasta sauces, meat and more…


KALAMATA  variety
SIZE (Pieces per kg)
COLOSSAL (121 – 140)
GIANTS (141 – 160)
EXTRA  JUMBO (161 – 180)
JUMBO (181 – 200)
EXTRA  LARGE (201 – 230)
LARGE (231 – 260)
SUPERIOR (261 – 290)
BRILLIANT (291 – 320)
FINE (321 – 350)
BULLETS (351 – 380)