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Olive Oil Soap



100 % Natural Handmade Olive Oil Soap

For hundreds of years Nablus has been famous for it's high quality olive oil soaps, made from locally produced virgin olive oil. Most of factories are located in the old city. The soap factory was a symbol of industrial and social enterprise. It was also an indicator of wealth and influence.

Traditionally made by women for household use, soap-making had become a significant industry for Nablus by the 14th century. In 1907 the city's 30 soap factories were supplying half the soap in Palestine. The industry declined during the 20th century following destruction caused by the 1927 earthquake, competition by modern soaps and later disruption from the Israeli military occupation.

This Nabulsi soap is family business, they have been involved in soap making for over 200 years, and established the Company in 1920 and liquid soaps since 2005. 

This pure white soap is totally natural without colour or chemical additives. It is Handmade soap to ensures that the soap retains glycerine and requires no chemical preservatives.

The soap made from pure olive oil, water, and elm ashes. It is full of vitamins, minerals and proteins. Olive oil soap is extremely mild and suitable for sensitive skin.

We guarantee that the soaps are made from Virgin Olive Oil from Holy Lands and are 100 % Natural.


Handmade Virgin Olive Oil Soap


Size: 100 g.

Made in the company workshops in Nablus. The soap is stacked in towers and left to dry for 3-12 months, then the soap is cut square and heat-sealed in clear packaging.

Made from pure virgin olive oil. Gentle on your skin with natural cleansing properties.


Classic Olive Oil Soap


Size: 100 g.

The classic product is hand made in the company workshops in Nablus, and stacked in towers to dry and cure. Then each piece is individually hand wrapped in wax paper which is glued together with the soap itself.

This unscented olive oil soap will be gentle on your skin and naturally cleanse your body.