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Investigative Analytical Laboratory


Investigative Analytical Laboratory

When you need chemical analysis or product testing due to quality, failure or formulation problems, WE can help. Our laboratory services include de-formulation (reverse chemical engineering), contaminant identification, R&D services which include cost saving idea.

We offer customized chemical analysis to answer questions like:

•What is this unknown material?
•What is causing this product failure?
•Can we identify the source of contamination?
•Why is my competitor’s product performing better?
•Can a lab de-formulate this product?

Call US, you will receive a laboratory project proposal, price quotation, our warm and personal service, and answers to your technical challenges on time.


Formulation/Product Development

From concept to finished product, our formulation scientists help manufacturers create new products or improve existing ones.


We are the industry leader in the de-formulation, the separation, identification and quantitation of ingredients in a formulation, of products and materials.

Materials Identification

We developed expertise in identifying and characterizing unknowns through analytical techniques and expert interpretations. Materials identification can be used to determine the components of an unknown material, confirm the identity of a suspect material, or to identify differences in similar materials.

Contaminant Identification

When an unknown material is found in a product, manufacturers need to know the source of contamination. We work closely with our clients to trace the source of contamination and develop a realistic corrective and preventive action program.

Failure Analysis

The scientists have been investigating and resolving product failures, including premature breakage, discoloration or even an unexpected odor, for almost 50 years.

Physical Testing

We test the physical properties of materials including polymers, metals, coatings, adhesives, sealants and more in order to solve difficult problems.

Packaging Testing

Our comprehensive instrumentation, wide range of capabilities, and extensive experience enables us to test a package, as well as analyze its contents, labels, adhesives, closures, resins, pigments, additives, shrink film, and more.

Chemical Analysis and Testing

For over 50 years, OUR laboratory scientists have used investigative chemical analysis to solve tough problems. Unlike other labs, OUR chemical testing services are customized according to each individual project’s needs. We analyze chemical products to answer difficult questions.

Industrial & Consumer Product Testing

We provide both customized and routine product testing for individual components and finished manufactured products.

Formulation/Product Development

From concept to finished product, our formulation scientists’ help manufacturers create new products or improve existing ones.