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Unscented Body Butter



Product Description

The Ultimate in Hydration. 10 in 1 body butter is made by a combination of 10 vegetable oils and Vitamin E. In one application you give your skin 10 healthy oils with their vitamins, minerals, healthy essential fatty acids and nutrients. This butter is a good sensual body, face moisturizer and skin food. It can be used in your body, face and hair, also good for itchy, dry and mature skin. Natural body butter is carefully processed to maintain the special properties of the oils and may naturally crystallize.

Suitable for spreading on problematic skin and recommended for those sensitive to natural smells.

Not recommended for gluten sensitive users.

* Natural * Animal Ingredients Free * Petrochemicals Free.
* Parabens Free * Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free * Mineral Oil Free.
* No Artificial Fragrances * No Artificial Colors * No Preservatives
* Not Tested On Animals * Environment Friendly.

Size: 50 ml.