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Restoring Rose Facial Serum
Rose Essential Oilolive oilWheat Germ Oil

Restoring Rose Facial Serum



Product Description

Premium regenerating concentrated facial serum.

Prevents and corrects signs of aging, reduces wrinkles visibility, helps achieve a smoother, firmer, healthier skin. Potent antioxidants and nourishing compounds in this restoring Rose serum help regenerate the skin by stimulating natural collagen production.

A combination of 14 herbal oils, rich in vitamins: A, B, E and K. Essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6, provide nourishment and softness to the skin.

Geranium, Rosemary and Rose essential oils provide an anti inflammatory effect, and help achieve a stronger, smoother and firmer skin.

Handcrafted. All Ingredients are Natural. Parabens Free. SLS Free. Petroleum Free.

Size: 30 ml. / 1.0 fl oz