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Organic Olive Oil Soap - Eucalyptus
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Organic Olive Oil Soap – Eucalyptus



Product Description


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Extra gentle natural handmade soap made from high quality cold pressed olive oil, coconut oil and palm oil using ancient traditions cold process method. Olive oil soap can efficiently remove dirt and oil. Additionally, apart from body cleansing, olive oil soap can also be safely used for facial cleansing and hair washing because it has a natural substance called ‘chitosan’ which is anti-bacterial. It helps in treating inflamed skin and pimples and in lightening and smoothing the skin.



Clean and fragrance your skin with this natural handmade soap that harnesses the beneficial properties of eucalyptus essential oil.

This natural nourishing soap is gentle with the high percentage of organic olive oil (80 %). It is nutrient – rich and nourishing the skin. Gently cleanses the skin without dryness. Its rich lather will clean, condition and moisturize your skin. Non-greasy and will not clog your pores. Eucalyptus bar soap is great for the morning shower routine.

Organic olive oil is known for its antioxidants and works well as a extra moisturizer. It gives a strong feeling of nurturing and healing deep and meaningful. Eucalyptus oil provides a great sense of relief and harmoniously with the scent of the earthy smell of olive oil.  Lemongrass adds a floral aroma and light, and completes the picture perfectly.


Feature Highlights:

-Natural Handmade Soap produced in small batches to guarantee the quality.

-SLS free. Petroleum derivatives ingredients free. Artificial additives free.

-Environment friendly.


Size and Packaging:

Over 100 g when packed. Packed in ecofriendly papers made from orange peels, and glued into a non-toxic glue and harmless to the environment.