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Skin R

Natural Skin-R Ampoule


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Product Description

Beauty Begins With Great Skin!

It acts on the hypotonic tissues of face, décolleté, inner thighs, arms etc., by improving tonicty.


The Bio-restoration provides for an activation of fibroblast subpopulation of the fibrotic fibroblasts in order to increase skin firmness with the deposition of cicatrizing collagen (type1).
The Medical Device used for this purpose contains:
• Fragments of hyaluronic acid (20-38 monomers) capable of activating the CD44 of fibroblast.
• An acid and hypertonic solution capable of inducing an irritating reaction and stimulating fibrotic fibroblasts.
• Amino acid precursors for collagen.

The treatment is performed on hypotonic tissues ( face ,neck, décolleté, buttock, thigh, arm, epigastric region) The technique is defined Skin Improve and has the aim to optimize skin physiology through fibroblast activation for the neo-formation of matrix components and for the normalization of the colloidal state of the matrix as well as to prevent skin damage caused by photo-aging .


The CD44 and CD40 of fibrotic fibroblasts are activated with fragments of hyaluronic acid and an acid and hypertonic solution. Amino acids allow the formation of fibrotic collagen ( type 1 ). Dermal fibrosis with the distension of the tissue of the skin is obtained.


Class III medical device with CE mark released by the National Institute of Health and containing: hyaluronic acid and hyperosmolar solution of acidic pH.

Size: 10 ml. / ampoule.

Packaging: Each Box contains 3 ampoules.