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Natural Liquid Soap - Refreshing Lemon- Lime
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Natural Liquid Soap – Lemon – Lime



Product Description


A fabulously fresh and clean Handmade liquid soap based on extra virgin olive oil. It is produced by using the finest pure ingredients infused with a refresh fragrance of pure essential oils (lemon, lime, mint) to clean and moisturizes your skin leaving it soft and refreshed.

This stunning anti-bacterial liquid soap does not dry the skin. It is effective, nutritious with a creamy lather to protect your skin and keep it healthy.


Feature Highlights:

– Natural Handmade Liquid Soap.

– Non-toxic formulations promise a safe clean without harmful and unnecessary chemicals.

– No SLS or harmful substances.

– Safe and environmentally friendly.

– Gentle, Healthy, Refreshing and make the skin clean and beautiful.

– Anti – bacterial liquid soap.


Shelf Life: 24 months.

Size: 500 ml.