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Dead Sea Salt Facial Scrub - Cucumber
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Dead Sea Salt Facial Peeling – Cucumber


Product Description


Cucumber Scrub is especially designed for facial skin based on a unique combination of Dead Sea Salt, vegetable oils and aromatic oils. The salt scrub exfoliate soften and nourish your skin, helping to regain and retain a healthy, radiant glow.

Dead Sea salt minerals have been known for their soothing effects on our bodies since ancient times. Salt from the Dead Sea is beneficial for cleansing skin or removing dead skin that remains on the skin’s surface.


Features Highlights:

  • Natural facial salts improve your complexion, refresh and firm your skin while leaving it thoroughly cleansed.
  • These salts will infuse your skin with Dead Sea minerals while removing dead skin cells, leaving your face radiant, smooth and refreshed.
  • Eliminates Bacteria and excess oil
  • Exfoliates dead skin cells and pore clogging particles
  • Revitalizes and refreshes skin, revealing a new, healthy layer.
  • Stimulates facial skin circulation and tightens pores


Size: 150 g.