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Olive Oil Soap -  Geranium & Lemongrass

Calendula Baby Soap with Shea Butter


Product Description


This luxurious baby soap is moisturizing and gentle, with dreamy lather and fabulous essential oil that are exceptionally good for baby skin. This handmade soap is made from all natural ingredients. This gentle Baby Soap begins as plant oils and through the process of saponification, a simple, handcrafted “true soap” is created. Calendula help to calm and relax your baby, saponified oils of Extra Virgin Olive and Coconut gently cleanse, and Shea Butter moisturizes and soothes delicate skin. This soap is also great for those with sensitive skin.
Without any detergents, foaming agents, artificial “fragrance” or color, synthetic or harsh ingredients – just good clean soap!

Although it produced by using simple, natural ingredients, this soap is not “no tear” formula, so please take care to keep out of baby’s eyes.


Feature Highlights:

• Moisturizing and soothing for skin – non-drying baby soap.
• “True soap” – handcrafted and hand-cut using only the purest ingredients and traditional soap making methods.
• No artificial fragrance, color, detergents, synthetic or harsh ingredients.


Size and Packing

Over 100 g. Packed ecological paper hand made from orange peel, and glued with glue non-toxic harmless to the environment.