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Raw Open Shell


Raw Closed Shell


Roasted & Salted


consumption photo designThey are harvested, processed, packaged right on the farm

Once harvested, the pistachio is immediately transported to plant for processing (hulling, drying and sorting).

Raw Pistachios Processing:

- Peeling (machines remove the outer hull from the pistachio).

- Washing/rinsing with water.
- Drying to reduce humidity and decrease the water level, which can make them deteriorate faster (either by dryer machinery or under the sun according to the quantities).
- Sorting (according to size, quality, appearance and whether the shell is open).

- Packing.

- Keeping in hygienic healthy storage.

Raw pistachios are kept fresh and safe against insect effects, mould, rancidity, decay, inside a refrigerating storeroom under specific pistachio cooling conditions which satisfy the highest international food safety standards and turn away the danger of aflatoxins.

Roasted and Salted Pistachios Processing:

- Raw pistachios are roasted and salted with the expert professionals under advanced hygienic conditions.

- Cooling.

- Packing.

- Keeping in hygienic healthy storage.