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Henna Powder Product

Henna Powder Product


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These are all safe, natural that make your hair beautiful and healthy.

Henna, one of the gifts of the nature, is the best natural hair dye & conditioner. Henna has ability to color your hair as well as strengthen them. History, Henna has been used for thousands of years for its medicinal and cosmetic properties. Today it is used for coloring and conditioning of hair as well as body art.

The variety of henna plant varies from region to region and different plants have different colouring properties and the colour of the powder also varies. The colour produced by pure natural henna ranges from orange to red, to black cherry and near black colour. Pure black colour is not produced by natural henna powder.

Suz beauty care natural henna powder

Due to the increasing demand of Henna all over the world, We offer our clients pure and effective natural henna powder for men and women. Henna Powder is a healthy alternative of chemical hair dye. It is a nourishing henna product that is 100% natural and vegetal – it treats the hair while it colours!


Natural Henna Powder is for hair growth and preventing hair fall. It can be used on healthy hair as well as hair that needs help, and is excellent for badly damaged hair. It will cover grey hair on the first application with long lasting color. It can be used with different herbs to get additional benefits and different shade. it is also used for decorating the hands and feet with beautiful designs keeping the hands and feet soft and smooth.

Suz beauty care natural henna powder is chemical free, have no heavy metals, no ammonia, no peroxide and comes straight from the mother nature. Easy to apply and wash. Safe for you, family and environment.


 100 % Pure and Natural Henna Powder (Lawsonia inermis).


hands, feet, hair and nails dye.

 Storage Instructions:

Keep in dry and cool place.

 How to Use: 

 1-In a ceramic or stainless steel bowl, prepare paste with natural henna powder, water and natural acidic liquid such as vinegar, lemon juice or other acidic additives which strengthens the dyeing properties and enhance the effect of the natural henna powder paste. You can also add natural plants for color such as eggplant skin, hibiscus, sage or you can add spices and moisturizer such as olive oil.

2-Cover the henna bowl and leave it in warm place for overnight or several hours until the color of the paste change from green color to a dark brown color.

3-Use gloves and apply the henna on your hair making sure to get the ends, the roots, and particularly the hairline.

4-Wrap your hair for 3 – 4 hours (or longer).

5-Remove the plastic wrap and rinse out the henna with water.

6-Once the henna is almost out, apply shampoo and rinse.

* This paste is beneficial for all hair types. For external use only.

*Some people might have allergy with herbs. Test henna on your skin before use it.

Sensitivity Test:

 To check sensitivity, apply small amount of henna paste on the inside of your elbow. Let it dry. If the area (or around) where the paste is applied becomes red, burns, itches or causes irritation immediately wash the area with soap. This means you are allergy. Otherwise, go ahead and use the product.