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Henna Based Color Product

Henna Based Color Product


Henna Hair Products That Makes You Go Wow!

To match the prevalent trends and to be in tune with the times, we supply Henna Based Colors with several shades for men and women. We have more trust of consumers, because of our quality products.


Natural Way To Cover Gray.

Due to the increasing demand of Henna all over the world, Suz Beauty Care offer high quality Natural Henna Based Hair Color for men and women which gives amazing color and several benefits to your hair and scalp easily. It is suitable for all types of hair. It will cover gray hair on the first application and can be used on healthy hair as well as hair that damaged or needs help.


Henna based hair color is applied for the short period of just 30 minutes to achieve a desired color. It gives a natural colour stay for long time. Available in 4 colours:

- Henna Based hair color –Black.

- Henna Based hair color -Brown.

- Henna Based hair color -Chestnut.

-Henna Based hair color –Burgundy.


you can mix more than one color to create a new color.


Why choosing our henna based hair color

-Best Quality: There are no small stone type material or white powder in our Henna.

-Consistent Dyeing Color: Our Henna will give the same color always.

-Smooth Paste: The paste is very smooth and fine.

-Outer Color Is Green: The outer color of henna remains green and does not turn in to brown or black lumps.

-Self Spreading: The Henna paste reaches the roots of the hair easily.

-After application: Reducing hair fall and dryness. provides strength to hair on regular use and brings shine, smooth, silky and luster in hair.


Henna, one of the gifts of the nature.

Our products are:

-Easy to use and economical.

-Ammonia free.

-Does not require Hydrogen Peroxide.

-Soft on hair.

-Superior conditioning.

- It has no side effects


Standard Packing6 pouches of 10 grams each in box.


Storage Condition: Keep in dry and cool place.


How to Use:

For each pouch of Henna powder, you need 30 ml water. It is better to be mineral water.


1-Empty pouch of Henna powder in the bowl(Glass or China bowl).

2-Add water in three portions and Keep stirring while adding the water.

3-Mix well to make a smooth paste.

4-Apply the paste with a brush or thin toothed comb to hair, from root to top, parting hair into small bunches. Leave no hair un-tined. Apply repeatedly to the borders of the hair on brow.

5-Let the pasted hair absorb colour thoroughly and become completely dry. Leave the paste on hair for 30 minutes. For quick results hair dryer maybe used.

6-Wash hair thoroughly till the rinsing water becomes clear. Subsequently, shampoo or soap maybe used. Dry and set hair to suit your style.


Sensitivity Test:

To check sensitivity, apply small amount of henna paste on the inside of your elbow. Let it dry. If the area (or around) where the paste is applied becomes red, burns, itches or causes irritation immediately wash the area with soap. This means you are allergic to an ingredient in the product. Otherwise, go ahead and use the product.



Use the paste within 10 minutes of being prepared. Do not let paste remain unused for long as its efficiency reduces. Use the contents of the pouch in one single application and do not preserve balances. Store in cool dry place.



Use on the color on eyebrows and eyelashes may result in blindness.

* For external use only.