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Cleopatra and Dead Sea


Cleopatra and Dead Sea

The Dead Sea has been a health, rehabilitation and beauty spa since ancient times. The queen of Sheba and Cleopatra had one place in common, it is the Dead Sea. Popular legend says it was the Queen of Sheba who first discovered and advocated the healing powers of the Dead Sea. Later, Cleopatra, quintessential lover of all things indulgent and luxurious, built the first-ever spa along the shores of the Dead Sea.


Did Cleopatra really bathe in the Dead Sea?

Not only did Cleopatra bathe at the Dead Sea but it is said that she went a great lengths and spared no expense to secure exclusive rights over the Dead Sea region. Some even speculate that because the Romans commanded the Dead Sea region, Marc Anthony was a means to an end for Cleopatra’s indefatigable desire for external beauty.


Cleopatra was seduced by Dead Sea therapeutic powers when Rome ruled the region, Marcus Antonius ruled Rome & Cleopatra ruled Marcus Antonius with the famed beauty she maintained with the secrets of The Dead Sea. Cleopatra used the Dead Sea Minerals as her ‘Fountain of Youth’ to retain her good looks. She used medicine derived from Dead Sea compounds to cure her ills.


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