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About Our Products

Babies are pure as love! You just can’t stop yourself loving them and want to hug and cuddle them.


Babies are the most precious and beneficial gift of God. Babies look very cute; their skin is soft, delicate, easily irritated and more sensitive to temperature and sun. You therefore need utmost care for skin care babies and children.

From the moment of birth and throughout life, a baby needs a mother’s loving care. Baby Products are products intended to be used on infants and children. Baby products are specially formulated to be mild and non-irritating and use ingredients that are selected for these properties. Baby products include baby shampoos, baby ointment, soap and more.


Massage Oil and Butters are products that are intended to be used to moisturize and soften the skin of infants and children. It is very important to read and follow the directions for use that are on the product.

Baby Shampoo is product that is intended to be used to cleanse the hair of infants and children. This product is specially formulated to be safe, non-irritating and mild.

You can feel good about using our products on your precious little ones. Our line features high quality ingredients designed to pamper delicate baby skin. They are gentle enough for a baby’s soft skin. Moms love them too!

Our products are free of all harmful chemicals. They leave your baby’s skin feeling soft and smooth, the way nature intended.

Nothing is more delicate than your baby’s skin… You can feel safe knowing that you’re pampering your baby with paraben-free, mineral oil-free, petrochemicals free and SLS free.

You put your baby’s safety first, and so do we. Our baby skin care products are formulated to cover your baby with pure and gentle protection. They are non toxic, naturally pure, not tested on animals, environment friendly.