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Calendula Baby Soap with Shea Butter




Natural handmade soap made from high quality cold pressed olive oil, coconut oil and palm oil using ancient traditions cold process method. Olive oil soap can efficiently remove dirt and oil. Additionally, apart from body cleansing, olive oil soap can also be safely used for facial cleansing and hair washing because it has a natural substance called ‘chitosan’ which is anti-bacterial. It helps in treating inflamed skin and pimples and in lightening and smoothing the skin.



A mild, gentle soap full of supreme natural ingredients made from plant oils with fabulous essential oils that are exceptionally good for baby’s tender-soft skin with a creamy lather. This creamy soap is rich in Lavender and Calendula gently cleansing the skin, while soothing and protecting from dryness. It contains extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil gently cleanses, Organic Shea Butter moisturizes and soothes delicate skin, as well as lavender, for its calming effect, and calendula to soothe the skin and help to relax your baby.


This soap is also great for those with sensitive skin.

While we only use simple, natural ingredients, this is not a “no tear” formula, so please take care to keep out of baby’s eyes.


Feature Highlights

  • Handmade cream made with natural ingredients using traditional processes in small batches.
  • 100% Plant – Based ingredients
  • Scented and enhanced with an exclusive blend of pure Essential Oils.
  • Delicate, High quality and Safe raw materials.
  • Paraben Free. Sulphites Free.
  • Moisturizing and soothing for skin – non-drying baby soap.
  • “True soap” – handmade and hand-cut using only the purest ingredients and traditional processes in small batches.
  • No artificial fragrance, color, detergents, synthetic or harsh ingredients.
  • Environment Friendly.


Size and Packing

Over 100 g when packed. Packed in ecofriendly papers made from orange peels, and glued into non-toxic glue and harmless to the environment.



Cold pressed Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Calendula Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Lavender Essential Oil.


How To Use

– Use on wet skin, lather and rinse off with water.

– Gently lather over baby’s skin in a warm bath.


Give extra care around your angel baby’s eyes. If contact occurs, gently flush with water.

For external use only.


Care of your soap

  • Never leave the soap on the side of the bath or in puddle of water. It will simply become mushy and unusable.
  • Always store the soap in cool dry place where air can circulate, this keeps the soap hard.



  • According to our knowledge, this soap is non – allergy soap, but we recommend doing sensitive skin allergy before using this soap.
  • People with skin allergies should test the soap on a small spot of skin first and stop using if irritation occurs.